UNDISPUTED – Chris Haynes, Skip & Shannon talk LeBron JAMES’ 5th career MVP odds

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  1. Every sportscaster last year
    “ Lebron isn’t playing hard at all, plays no defense and isn’t driving to the basket enough”
    Every sportscaster this year
    “ why is Lebron playing such good defense??!?!? It’s the regular season! Why is he doing so much?!?!?”

    Jesus fucking Christ, no other athlete deals with this hypocrisy. And I’m a Kawhi fan…

  2. Skip watching the last possession closely biting his nails.

    Lebron drives to the basketball kick to Danny green for 3

    Skip yells: “Erniestien can you believe it erniestien!!”

    Erniestien cuddles skip to make him feel better 😂

  3. The funny thing is he went to the finals the year before last and the way he did it was amazing – he had a young whack ass team last season and missed the playoffs due to injuries and all of a sudden he's washed.

  4. Skip is a sad hung up dude. And shocked Haynes uses the 6-6 argument for Jordan, thought he knew ball and would know teams win chips not single players, and assigning chips to individual players is dumb lazy logic created by MJ stans, Bill Russell is the unquestionable goat if we do the chips thing.

  5. The pass to Green for the game tying shot was a designed play. How does Skip not know that? The Lakers talked about how they designed it that way to use Lebron as a decoy. It worked. It wasn't some freewheeling play where Lebron was supposed to shoot a turnaround 3 pt fadeaway with extra time left, what coach would want that? Howard set the screen slightly early but it was designed exactly how it happened. Pretending it was anything else is shamefully wrong.

  6. Pfff… this game of what you pick I hate on… getting old. Keep talking about the first game of the season… keep repeating that lebron didn't shoot. The last couple of points where all made by not LeBron but also not by Kawhi… but Lou Williams. Let's make him MVP because he does make the closing shot in the first game. To me you just need to play Back 2 Backs to be MVP candidate. Think there are more then enough options in LBJ, Giannis, Harden, AD etc. MVP are mostly unique new things be done. Like how Westbrook won MVP. So think he does have a true shot when he stays healthy…

  7. In all of my 38 years of watching televised sports, I've never seen one sports reporter hate on one player so much from day one. Skip hates KLBJ23 so much that he dives and digs deep to find bullish on KLBJ23 that has no point in the point he's trying to make… Skip just give KLBJ23 his respect

  8. Skip is like your jilted current girlfriend but soon to be ex that always gives you back handed compliments, amplifies your mistakes in front of everybody and let your "couple's internal personal issues" put it out there in the open for everybody to feast on when hating on Lebron, However when the shoe is on the other foot Skip makes excuses and blames others for his personal flaws like he agrees Kawhi's load management is a good and wise thing to do – an enabler!. 😭🤫

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