Sarah Kustok: No debate!!! LeBron JAMES is still the best player in the NBA

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  1. Now that he has the desired roster of support, " he's the best again" FOH. Why not the best with not as good players surrounding him🤷🏿‍♂️

  2. Pump the Brakes!!! All the haters so fast put KD♿️ and kawhi💔 in his place… Let's remember those two are second and 3rd best play for at least 3 more years. Second and 3rd looks like #1 when King James got hurt but it's not #1. All you bandwagon fans zip your mouth🤐

  3. Faxts who do u want on your team game 7 or 2on2 whatever the case maybe its Lebron James he in his 17th year an still in the conversation of best player since he came in he been in the conversation that's longevity at its finest witness greatness

  4. Answering Jennas question, LeBron wants to remind the media/world of his basketball greatness because he’s the only guy in NBA history who can average 27, 8, and 8 in a season and people dare to have the nerve to say that he’s washed up, old, slowing down, having a down year, etc. which is absolutely un-freaking-believable! He’s EASILY the most non-objectively judged and scrutinized athlete in sports history. It’s ridiculous. He’s the only guy who gets criticized for and held to standards that absolutely no one else ever has.

  5. Lebron is 37 & Balling out of his mind while the 28 yr old Kwahii baby Leonard need to load manage for a 2nd national televised 8 games into the NBA season way to go clown!

  6. He’s such the goat they had to give basically his whole team away for one player because the greatest couldn’t do it he cry’s throws temper tantrums for super teams the nba has so much messed up politics it’s sad.

  7. Wanted no parts of the claw. Silly to suggest after playing a bunch of bum teams. I would take Kawhi over lebron. Lebron got aggressive after the clippers game. I give 0 credit until he matches up with better opponents.

  8. Kawahi, being the best player on his team, will win more titles never playing more than 75% of the games in a season and Nick will still say that’s why he’s not better than LeBron. Kawahi is changing the league and Nick doesn’t like that he will have changed the league just as much by the time he retires.

  9. I think people need to really step back and realize what were watching from lebron. He’s currently top 10 in defense rating in the league and the eye test shows you just that. I’ve been watching basketball my whole life, just appreciate this.

  10. Stfu u fucking retards . I still don't know why you all being paid for your stupid talks..
    We all know you all on LeBron now coz his doing Great . . But last year when he fails and struggle . You all criticize him . For having no Defence etch etch .. and his not the best anymore . .but now you all riding the band wagon.

  11. I think there's a problem when James at this age and time of his career has to put up such numbers each night, I'm worried. This is not 2003 or 2010. This is 2019 and he is about to turn 35.

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