Nick Wright, Ryan Hollins “agrees”: Danny Green insists LeBron is better than Kawhi right now

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  1. I keep hearing Kawhi got his finals MVP for shutting down lebron james when lebron went 28, 8, and 4 on 57% from the field and 52% from 3, they didn’t shut lebron down, they shut the rest of the heat down, Chris bosh was the only other heat player who played well that series and the entire spurs team played amazing

  2. yes LBJ had some bad games but everyone does. those commentetors are stupid or maybe they are just doing there jobs. LBJ is the GOAT because healthy LBJ can do everything that's it. and I am more entertained watching LBJ than Jordan LBJ is far more athletic than Jordan.

  3. Last 2 years Nick wright said kawhi is better thn KD cuz ppl was saying kd is the best in the world and now KD is better thn Kawhi cuz everybody is saying Kawhi is the best in the world ahahahah Lebrons media puppets and slaves will crucify kawhi this year for every little thing he does. like they do with KD haha Gotta fend off the false throne from any threat.

  4. Oh boy. All these men acting like women whining about Ryan Hollins. 😂 You guy’s need to get a life. He’s not the best analyst but you guys are over the top with this $h:t. He’s there to play devils advocate dumb a$$e$.

  5. Fuck you hollins… They were asking who is better then you throws stupid question asking who hold the belt? Damn you! Kawhai have not reach the finger tip of what lbj haved been accomplished…your one of a hell dumb f****u

  6. Didnt even listen to this. Just clicked video to comment. Nick wright + ryan hollins the 2 biggest lebron marks on the planet.. And a topic on lebron.. God these 2 had to blow each others loads on this 1

  7. Nick was actually talking about the regular season man. he was talking about the whole entire year. lebron has a go to guy but he lost a step now man so kawhi is better on one on one BUT please, stop talking 1 on 1 man! best player and you talk about one one one? Americans are soooooo STUPID!! 1 on 1??? BASKETBALL?? WTF!!!!

  8. Im not saying this to follow the crowd im saying this cause i MEAN IT FIRE this guy RYAN HOLLINS his arguments dont even begin to make sense & ARE UNTRUE "LEBRON STRUGGLES CAUSE HE DOESNT HAVE A GO TO MOVE" 😑

  9. That fucking lie. Danny just saying that because he’s with lebron. Dude waited the offseason to see where kawhi was going so he can join but couldn’t join the clippers. He knows kawhi can lead him to the big one and probably enjoys playing with kawhi too

  10. Danny green says this after Kawhi carried him and the Raptors to a championship last year lol. After Kawhi was the mvp when the spurs beat the heat with lebron lol. Danny green Kawhi got you 2 rings bud, and lebron isn't going to get you nothing lol. Because the clippers are winning the chip. That team is stacked. The defense they can play from all positions. Oh yea Kawhi still plays defense and actually locks down players. lebron plays offense only lol. He has to literally get pushed to play defense lol.

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