Nets vs. Lakers highlights and analysis: Are the Lakers in trouble without Anthony Davis? | Get Up

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  1. 0:00​ Greeny breaks down highlights from Nets vs. Lakers.
    2:00​ Tim Legler weighs in on whether the Lakers are in trouble without Anthony Davis.
    3:29​ Are the Brooklyn Nets title favorites?

  2. When he got to Boston and had all them young bulls he was calling Bron to apologize. Now he got fire power and he want? 😂😂😂😂😂 LAKERS IN 5

  3. A lot of people here are over reacting lmao. Wow the Nets beat the Lakers in a regular season game! That must mean they're going to the finals right??

  4. I'm not saying Lakers will win without AD, but I feel like a lot of people underestimate what LeBron can do. It's not all about shooting, which is how I feel people view the nets. They have a great offense so they will win, when there is so much more than just scoring. Nets also lost to the Cavs. I say wait until the playoffs and see what they do when they have to face the best teams in a 7 game series.

  5. Lakers are on a tier above everyone else he says. It's clear that they're still figuring things out, otherwise they wouldn't have an average ranked offense. The talent on the Lakers is enough to be a top offense and defense in the league, yet they're not quite there. Potentially AD's absence could help or hurt the Lakers. This could allow guys 5-9 get more touches on offense and better acclimation, unless Schroder and Trezz take all of AD's touches while he's gone. Relying on 4 guys instead of 8-9 can work but there's high risks if even 1 of the 4 doesn't live up to expectations.

  6. When the warriors was defeated the other day, espn was criticizing curry.

    But now when lakers was defeated, the criticize AD for not being there. Oh. Espn will not touch lebron.

  7. Although they know that loosing is part of the game, You can always tell a lion is hurt when an L is taken… Serena Williams is a confirmation of this. Lebron doesn’t need to be told how to get back up, he has taken the worst of shots on his way to the throne, this ain’t major to him.

  8. Yes we did play bad. Poor from 3 pt and they killed us from the 3 pt today. Dominated the paint as usual even without AD but that was bound to happen. Not even mad. Had our good looking 3 pt shots and we choked harder than Riley Reid. Our shooters are in somewhat of a slump and we need to get their confidence back somehow now.

  9. Again Lebron cries about the Lakers not being a %100 when the Lakers basically won a championship when several teams were not %100..Media/Lebron: 🦗🦗 . This shows you Lebron does not make his teammates better. He may score but as a team it wasn't even close. Nuff said

  10. Too many Lakers fans overreacting. AD & Schroeder out. The Lakers had the shortest off season. New team still trying to gel in the Covid protocol era. It’s the dog days of the NBA season. Everyone needs to relax. The Lakers will be fine.

  11. NBA Finals Preview !???
    How when KD, AD, & Shroder weren’t even playing. I knew the media were going to try make something out of this even though this game means nothing rn for both sides since they both had injured players last night.

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