Miami Heat vs Los Angeles Lakers – Full Game Highlights | February 20, 2021 | 2020-21 NBA Season

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  1. LBJ amazing and stuff and hes adapted to the modern game but he still looks like a player from 2003. you know what im saying? like he just looks like an old video game character but a video game nonetheless

  2. Wait a second, did the Clippers without Kawhi, Bev, Batum and PG just beat the Miami heat? The clippers bench gave the heat a beat down and the current “front runner and best player in the world” just lost to them, with only AD out?

  3. Something I noticed down the stretch of the game is that Lebrons footwork driving to the paint on the open floor with multiple defenders crowding the paint is POOOR it looked he don’t know how to move around multiple defenders unless he’s charging full force or does that slow spin move which he got called for a travel and I’m sitting here watching like “damn his footwork poor in those situations he only got two moves spin move of euro” and then forces passes to the corner and had multiple turnovers cause teams know how to play him well smart teams I see why they put iggy on brown cause brons handle is suspect and that great of a one on one player

  4. This games reminds me of lebron cavs or lebron Lakers 1st season😆.. lebron is nothing without AD. He looks worn out and old without AD

  5. Lebron gets the steal to even make it possible to win this game a we have people questioning whether passing out of a double team is correct? Shooting in double teams dont make you the goat. If it did the goat would be Kobe

    I mean this was not a bad great game for Lebron but he still went like 19-9-9 which is solid.

  6. Caruso should have given Bron the ball 3 years ago after he tipped it away, he hesitated looking to the opposite side of the floor for some reason, Bron got doubled, gave it back to Caruso and he missed the shot.

  7. Please stop the hate on Lebron. Key moments here he did the right thing, he got the steal as he poked it away from Butler, then made the right pass at the end but Caruso just didn't hit this one.

  8. lebron needs to take the last shots, KD, Kyrie, Harden, MJ, D Wade, Kobe, the best perimeter players always take the last play. this dude is always so fuccin passive and shy away from the last shot, smh thats weak asf. Cant be goat scary and passive to a fault in the last moments.

  9. Is it me or is do they just not wanna give Wesley Matthews touches? Idk y every Lebron team is a slightly above average dice roll in the regular season but they go clutch in the playoffs.🤔🤔

  10. Lebron is great but this is why kobe and Jordan is in a league of their own. They will never give up and keep attacking no matter how much they miss. Lebron was discouraged

  11. How's LeBron frontrunner for mvp when he can barely win without AD? Lakers don't have the best record and LeBron doesn't have the best stats so on what basis is he considered no. 1 on the mvp poll?

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