LeBron Struggles as Kawhi Cooks KCP

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  1. I’m not trippin that we lost, however, having KCP on kawhi with a defensive minded coach was alarming. Plus coach mentioned not switching as much prior to season start. It’s the first game so I’m not overly concerned.

  2. A lot of fouls weren't called, no pick and rolls with bron and ad, no urgency after first quarter and Vogel didn't adjust. Looked like they played their first game together and without kuzma and rondo. Lol they'll be fine.

  3. LeBron trash bro I’m sorry… 🤷🏾‍♂️ Not hating I’ve been a fan of this man since middle school I’m 26 now. His best days are behind him. Lucky for the lakers they have AD and they better do whatever they must do to keep him in a laker uniform.

  4. Listen, I've been saying this since Lebron first came into the NBA. All these anayst swear Lebron has a high basketball IQ. I have never seen it. You can research and find hundreds of games that Lebron has played just like this one. So I'm not the least surprise. He just much older now and not use to playing defense for real. Id say Kawhi is the better baller now,just because of farther time. Lebron just buying time so he can play with his son in the league. So he will need superstars around him to allow that to happen, but he can't pretend he is still on the throne.

  5. They kept feeding the ball to AD too far outside, instead of getting him the ball in the low post. The Lakers didn’t use their size effectively. They should have gotten JaVale and Howard involved more earlier, which would have opened up the perimeter.

    The only weakness I see for the Clippers is their lack of defensive bigs. The Lakers should have exploited this early in the game, and then looked to shoot on the perimeter.

  6. Pinpoint accuracy as usual Pete. I like the fact that the Lakers got a tough game as number one and the telling test will be how they look coming out of game two. I'm sure the CS saw the glaring shortcomings that you pointed out and hopefully they can be addressed as the season progresses. I really want to see Kuz and Caruso on the court to see what difference they'll bring to the mix. Thanks again for the great work Pete.

  7. Clippers looking like a playoff team while lakers still figuring out rotations. Expect more on this specially vs clippers. They got nothing to lose here specially since they'll always be home court advantage on Staples. So better to lose to clippers than other big teams.

  8. LAL is a new team. Takes time,
    but could have won! Outcoached! Questionable decisions! Solidify Rotaions in preseason. Need more
    Depth. Clips delayed great roster choices. Rob can't let Clips get Iggy. Green is great! Fill out roster.

  9. Ik we will picc it up …. but if we were to struggle this year . Who will ppl blame now? Bc ingram n ball arent scape goats anymore 💯💯 i still love my purple n gold, but i dont like the way they did my boys 💯💯🤷🏽‍♂️

  10. Good points in the game one:
    -LeBron remember your prime on defense;
    -AD is a brutal matchup over small teams;
    -Now we made 3 points

    Bad points :
    – AD and LeBron struggle on FG
    – Rebound, even we had a team with Javalee, Dwight and AD
    – We can't respond Lou W

    Just first game but i see a amazing potential on this team

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