LeBron James vs Kyrie Irving EPIC DUEL Full Highlights – Nets vs Lakers | February 18, 2021

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  1. I guess it didn't matter who Lebron played against tonight, he had that stupid look on his face like he always has when he knows he has no chance of winning.

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  3. The Lakers have a problem at center since trading for Marc Gasol. He is clearly on the decline. Note his scoring and participation level since becoming a Laker. He has barely been in double digits. Beyond the stellar play of Lebron, Anthony Davis has been a bust since getting signed for such a high price. He is prone to injuries and is not worth his contract. Having a solid roster that is consistent is necessary to have long term success. The Lakers will not repeat this year because of Anthony Davis' brittle presence, lack of depth in multiple positions and unreliable play, plus a clear weakness at the center position. The two starting guards for the Lakers were dreadful this evening and were a sore spot. It's really a shame that the Lakers will not repeat.

  4. Wtf is this shit 16-32 is a duel! The man with 16? Got the win maaaan y'all dumb as hell with this bs.thus is why luka is god dame is goat Lebron better then MJ Kyrie better then Curry and Kobe plus trae young just as good as Steph this what happens when everything narrative based and not basic ass stats facts context style of play..excuse me. y'all on 1 buddy.

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