Lakers vs Nuggets | Lakers Highlights | 2020-2021 NBA Regular Season

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  1. We may had not seen Gasol if Drummond wasn't not in trouble it's a blessing in disguise. I hope Vogel put Harrell and Gasol in the second unit. Gasol's impact may not appear in the box score but with him our ball movement is so much better. His Bball IQ will be vital for our playoff run 💯💯

  2. Gasol matches well against Jokic. They're both slow, got no hops, high IQs, and can shoot the 3 ball. Gasol will come up big for us against Denver in the playoffs. But don't expect to see him against teams with more young athletic quick-footed centers like DeAndre Ayton, Bam Adebayo, Joel Embiid and the likes. AD should play the 5 position against those centers, with Drummond sharing minimal minutes on the court with AD

  3. fuck Caruso is flying in these plays, the play were he ran in front of the nugget fast break and managed to trip up 2 guys with no whistle that is impressive.

  4. There was point during the game where KCP was being fouled repeatedly and the refs weren't calling it. He actually showed some serious frustration about the missed calls and began attacking the basket on offense and playing like a madman on defense. I was like FINALLY, he showed a more aggressive side and it paid off big time.

  5. Shiiit, that was a damn long arm by AD! Loved the Gasol-Joker match up, nice to see them hug it out after the battle. And Caruso leaving bodies on the floor and even 1 against 2. Great win!

  6. See sure LeBron and AD are both supposedly the key to the Lakers repeating and winning another championship. They're the superstars on the team. You need both of them to win a championship. But in actuality, it's more dependent on the guys not named LeBron and AD for them to repeat lol. LeBron and AD can play out of their minds every game, but if the other guys aren't making their shots when the ball is in their hands, Lakers don't even have a chance of doing damage in the playoffs.

  7. Bro I swear Gasol & Jokic are brother or twins… both have the same body, both not that athletic, and their both the same height 🤦🏻👍🏼

  8. liked how before these 2-3 games people were like TRADE GASOL….. GASOL IS WEAK…… and now people were like GASOL SHOULD BE GIVEN MORE MINS…..

    and btw 4:13 is hilarious

  9. Bro I really appreciate the effort of you , not like the many other channels, by not only showing a made basket but also a lot of hustle plays, defence, subtle interaction between players that impact the game. That's good work and please keep it up!

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