Lakers Injury Update

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  1. Yeah I don't believe it for a second I do not believe LeBron is still going to be out another three to four weeks no way no how if he stays out for another four weeks the Lakers will be dead last in the West or close to it and that's a big hole to climb out of LeBron will be back shortly after Anthony Davis comes back I'm going to say a week and a half

  2. We don't necessarily need to hit the ground running. Just having these guys on the floor will automatically win us more games. We want them for the playoffs obviously but on the other hand we are missing some chemistry like Trevor says.

  3. They be alright they ain’t win a ring last year for nothing they be straight and bounce back real quick with no problem because this has the best lakers I seen a long time compared to previous years

  4. I just want to take the opportunity to say that I really like butts. Big butts, small butts, weirdly shaped butts, doesn't matter really. Have a good day.

  5. The fans EXPECT Drummond to play ASAP. But he can't be effective immediately because he does not know the plays.
    So how do the Lakers create time to train Drummond on the plays, . . .AND . . . also pacify the Lakers fans for Drummond not playing??? CREATE A PHANTOM, MINOR INJURY. Just part of the professional SPORTS BUSINESS.

  6. My oldest son just injured his ankle the exact same way in February of this year. The doctor said that he has a separation of his BHD. He's been required to wear a air boot 6weeks. I don't like how it looks for Lebron

  7. The Lakers are in trouble. You shouldn’t rush LeBron back. That means we may have seen the last of LeBron for this season if his leg doesn’t heel. He’s 36 years old so it’ll probably be closer to 6 weeks rather than the 4 weeks that we’re all hoping for. They are just 2 1/2 games in front of the Mavs for the seventh spot. Will LeBron be back for the “play in tournament”?

  8. As a true laker fan, I think AD and Lebron should sit the rest of the season out and get healthy. The other teams are too good for a banged-up Lebron and AD. It could cost one or both their careers. #lakers2022

  9. A week lol noooo…. he got be able to play 5v5 ball cutting on that Achilles etc in practice for 30 mins str8 with it not getting aggravated, id say 3 weeks for both of um

  10. Finishing 6th or 7th is not that bad, if everyone is healthy and kicking for the playoffs. Playing against Clippers will be like home game every game and Suns doesn't have experience. Jazz and the team that comes out of the East will be the real issue this seasin

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