Lakers Defense Suffocates Utah

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  1. I wanna see this done VS Rockets or Clippers!!! this is the Jazz please Lakers 1. Stay in front of defenders , block the 3's , Rebound , no fouls , no TO's , make 80 % of FTs , Less then 19 TO per game, No more then 4 fouls per man , Slap the Floor!!! etc

  2. You should do a video on how Bron is pacing himself for the playoffs, because there gotta be the reason why he comes out so lackluster and isn't there defensively. (Hornets games 1st half)

  3. Man… once this teams develops more chemistry after having everybody back, as I said before preseason, this is going to be a scary team on both sides of the ball

  4. I like how this Laker team have players who aren't worry about scoring points. Guys like Green, Bradley and Howard are dogs on the defense side. Plus add AD ino there and it's living nightmare for opposing teams. I really hope they get Andre Iguodala. Then they'll have a truth Death lineup for the first or fourth quarter.

    1. Avery Bradley
    2. Danny Green
    3. Andre Iguodala
    4. LeBron James
    5. Anthony Davis

    The defense will be able to switch off ball screens and pick & rock without hurting them.

  5. FACTS!!!!✊🏿. I’m sick of all this anti Lakers bias/jealousy. We finally have a solid defensive roster (Rob deserves credit for this). If we can get and stay healthy, and tighten up on O the sky is the limit for the purp and gold!!!

  6. My worry is danny keeping up this kind of D the entire season. He's not young, guys like kcp caruso and cook are going to have to step up both defensively and offensively to give him a break.

  7. Dude between AD, Danny Green and Avery Bradley that was just an entirely different level of all world defense they displayed against a very good Jazz ball club. The Lakers as a team looked like a freakin machine out there on defense. This team can be scary good. AD hasn’t even had one of his ridiculous monster games yet and he still looked dominant and like you couldn’t score on him even if your life depended on it.

    I’ve never ever in life seen a player lock up a guard near the three point line then turn around and block a 7 footer at the rim in the same play. That’s just insane. You have to really understand what we’re seeing here. That is incredible defense. That type of effort tells me this man AD wants to win! Even though we were missing shots and that will come around…. I was so impressed with the hustle and grit the team played with. Props to coach Vogel for the in game adjustments. That made me VERY HAPPY to finally see that! I was worried after game one. I refused to go through another Luke Walton style miss management of the team. Nice bounce back coach and super solid team win over a quality opponent. Let’s keep that up!

  8. Bron looking like an all defensive wing out there in those 2 games…expecialy vs clipps he had so many god tied defensive stops from chages drawn to blocks and steals in 3v1 counter. Only wish he will take on guys like kawhii in PO and not let it to kcp (if we dont somehow get andre). DG looks like a perfect signing and dwight and ab look like steals as well. Im still a big unsure bouf vogels offense and want kcp benched asap but we have a great roster

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