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  1. I have no idea why Robert Williams doesn’t play at least 30 minutes a game. Some good players spend careers on the bench and some bad players get to have a long career. It’s all politics and perception.

  2. Minutes Played: Jokic – 1006(ranked 8), Lebron – 1039(ranked 5)
    Player Efficiency Rating: Jokic – 31.4(ranked 1), Lebron – 24.4(ranked 14)
    True Shooting%: Jokic – .656(ranked 11), Lebron – .601(ranked 64)
    Offensive Rebound%: Jokic – 9.3(ranked 22), Lebron – 1.9(ranked 148)
    Deffensive Rebound%: Jokic – 25.9(ranked 15), Lebron – 23.9(ranked 23)
    Total Rebound%: Jokic – 17.5(ranked 17), Lebron – 13.2(ranked 38)
    Assist%: Jokic – 40.6(ranked 6), Lebron – 38.7(ranked 8)
    Steals%: Jokic – 2.2(ranked 20), Lebron – 1.4(ranked 103)
    Block%: Jokic – 1.7(ranked 71), Lebron – 1.2(ranked 107)
    Turnover%: Jokic – 14.1(ranked 142), Lebron – 14.7(ranked 156)
    Usage%: Jokic – 29.4(ranked 22), Lebron – 31.7(ranked 8)
    Offensive Win Shares: Jokic – 4.9(ranked 1), Lebron – 2.4(ranked 13)
    Defensive Win Shares: Jokic – 1.4(ranked 9), Lebron – 1.9(ranked 2)
    Total Win Shares: Jokic – 6.3(ranked 1), Lebron – 4.3(ranked 5)
    Win Shares/48: Jokic – .300(ranked 1), Lebron – 1.99(ranked 17)
    Offensive Box +/-: Jokic – 9.1(ranked 1), Lebron – 5.9(ranked 8)
    Defensive Box +/-: Jokic – 2.3(ranked 4), Lebron – 1.3(ranked 19)
    Total Box +/-: Jokic – 11.4(ranked 1), Lebron – 7.3(ranked 5)
    VORP: Jokic – 3.4(ranked 1), Lebron – 2.4(ranked 4)
    Total PPG: Jokic – 27.4(ranked 8), Lebron – 25.9(ranked 12)
    Total APG: Jokic – 8.6(ranked 5), Lebron – 7.9(ranked 9)
    Total RPG: Jokic – 11.1(ranked 8), Lebron – 8.2(ranked 23)
    Total SPG: Jokic – 1.6(ranked 9), Lebron – 1.0(ranked 66)
    Total BPG: Jokic – 0.6(ranked 71), Lebron – 0.5(ranked 93)
    Total TOPG: Jokic – 3.4(ranked 264), Lebron – 3.7(ranked 270)
    Double Doubles: Jokic – 25(ranked 1), Lebron – 13(ranked 16)
    Triple Doubles: Jokic – 6(ranked 3), Lebron – 3(ranked 6)
    FG%: Jokic – 57.0(ranked 13), Lebron – 50.8(ranked 35)
    3pt%: Jokic – 40.2(ranked 52), Lebron – 37.2(ranked 104)
    FT%: Jokic – 87.1(ranked 27), Lebron – 70.4(ranked 101)
    I want someone to tell me why Lebron is in the MVP Convo
    and Jokic is not!!! Jokic is Hands down DOMINATING the NBA right NOW!

  3. When kemba, Tatum and brown play good and score more than 20 points the Celtics can be a treat for the 76ers but kemba and brown don't play like that every game on the other hand the hawks injury's keep their players up and down hopefully after the all star game, every 1 gets better and ready to preform.

  4. Smart is is the most underrated BB player in the NBA? Look what has happened to the Celtics since he's been injured! When the offense isn't clicking there's no defense to keep them in the games. And they've been blown out by bad teams. They desperately need him back on the floor ASAP, along W/ stouter defense from the starters. They have played horrible! And they're only four and a half out! They should just hit the reset button on their season today! At 14-14 prior to last night's game. They are now 1-0 with a nice win and a good team effort.
    There are literally hundreds of guys in the world who can score the basketball at a high level. But there are only a handful of guys who can stop them! (Good offensive players).
    Marcus Smart's value is ridiculously underrated!
    When Marcus Smart went out, we had beaten the Cavaliers (I know they're terrible now, but they played well at the beginning of the year) by almost 40 points (38 to be exact) two games prior. We had a winning record and a decent start to the season. And even though we held the Lakers to 96 points we lost that game by one point 95-96. The real loss that night was all NBA first team defensive guard Marcus Smart. The Celtics season has basically been a free-fall since.
    They have beaten good opponents, but they have zero consistency and it's going to stay that way until they get Marcus Smart back. So they need to milk out every win they can until then. Danny Ainge should be run out of Boston for the comments he made about his team. As they are right now, could they win a championship? No!
    …but if they can just play competitive basketball through this stretch, help is coming. Marcus Smart is better than any trade they could make, and certainly better than any draft pick they could have gotten. He's an experienced, 1st team defense, a very underrated point guard/ passer and extremely underrated shooter/scorer. Oh, and he can play 4 or 5 positions! If they get in as an 8 seed and Marcus comes back a month prior and gets his legs under him, I would still feel they have a decent chance. And remember, for all of you who are panicking, it's much better to have injury and bad basketball at the beginning of the Season then at the end.
    The Celtics need to play Smart basketball!

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