Dwight Howard’s resurgence with the Lakers surprises the NBA | ESPN Voices

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  1. I don't like Lakers but no hater 😂
    I do like how Rachel and Jalen takes about Dwight Howard.
    Hope they would bring up melo more. He got 18 pts in first game since season started. Melo 👍👍😄

  2. I don’t really understand this myth that he fell off so drastically. Everywhere he’s gone he’s been efficient and productive, even his first go around in LA he averaged like 17/13 coming off back surgery. If you want to say it’s about other things that’s one thing but people act like he didn’t produce. I just find it odd.

  3. If you haven't been a fan like I have of Dwight howard then u a media head because dwight howard has been good everytime he has been on the court. Look at his stats and the locker cancer is a joke because the same year they said that about him he won the award for best locker room something at Charlotte.

  4. Whats up with that wig? Can my sisters wear their own natural hair? I refuse to accept anything that perpetuates another groups beauty standards.

  5. At what point do you honestly start asking about the negative impact a declining Kobe Bryant had on the franchise? Dwight had issues, but the man played through a torn labrum…I've had a mild shoulder separation and that was excruciating…my labrum wasn't freakin' torn! And Kobe's inability to be a quality teammate when his on court ability didn't override his surliness as a person kept teams from wanting anything to do with the Lakers. It's the most open secret of the decade. I was one of the people who had a feeling this would work because there was always something more than met the eye to me about what went wrong for Dwight in 2012-13 as a Laker. And for all of their fanboying, Kobe Kids can't refute the fact that the team was abjectly awful from the second Howard left until Kobe was gone. Not just bad, but awful. I'm glad as a Lakers fan to see Howard earn the affection of the sane element of the fan base back. He's playing hard and clearly has better teammates that support him this time around.