Brooklyn Nets vs. Los Angeles Lakers [FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS] | NBA on ESPN

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  1. No KD but Harden, Kyrie, and Deandre Jordan, who is a force,, are too much for the Lakers! Lebron without Davis is not going to do it. I didn't think that Harden could play team ball but he sure proved me wrong1 But there is no doubt that LeBron is the best player of this generation1 kD is my favorite player but it is not good news that he has missed so many games for non-covid reasons?

  2. I watched all these highlights. The Lakers were struggling but now the "Internet" has decided that based on this one win, the nets will be in the playoffs and will win, hands down. It was ONE game. I saw them play the other night with KD (GSW) and they could not buy a basket, let alone a three-point shot. Everyone was shooting bricks. Tonight their support players came thru and got hot. I wouldn't cancel the whole rest of the season based on that. Go LAKERS all the way.

  3. One heading said "Blowout"… by 11 points lol Whether Durant plays nightly or not, isn't this just Kevin Durant + Splash Bros Version 2? lol Kevin Durant is pitiful — couldn't make it happen in Okie City nor anywhere else, unless he conjoins himself with a Big Two lol What a chump!

  4. We all should've expected the lakers to lose LeBron was overwhelmed with them without AD the lakers can't beat any elite teams without him which is a problem

  5. Yup LeBron loses in the regular season to another team with a winning record then leads them to the finals again. These games are just scouting trips. Have y'all not been paying attention for the past like 10 years

  6. Lol I usually am tired of seeing Skips blatant bias against Bron. I hope he talks about the missed Technical FT and how Kyrie trolled LeBron with "That's yall best FT shooter? 🤔😊"
    But it'll be funny to see if Shannon tries to cover for LeBron for this one.

  7. Lakers have lost to every Western Conference playoff team except Suns and the Jazz which they face next week. They've also lost to the Sixers when they had AD.

  8. I love Lebron James. I respect him especially as a person ! But when people talk about the best ever how come Wilt Chamberlain drops down every year ? I'm 57 years old and for me Wilt Chamberlain dominated the game like know other play has. They changed the rules cause he dominated everyone. Basketball a Team sport not golf or tennis. Look up Wilt records. He played one year every single minute of every game ! Guys today Take days off and there making 25 million a year ! Come On ! Load management is B S. In Todays Game. Wish I could tell my boss at work I don't feel good and take the day off and get paid ! But like I said I respect Mr James a great person !

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